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The only advice I can give you is to get in situations working with kids and see how you feel.  If you don’t think you could emotionally handle the stress, then don’t be a teacher.  I have noticed that people who care too much about what the kids think about them become their “friend” and not their “teacher” and the kids walk all over them, taking advantage of their kindness and not respecting any expectations or boundaries. 

And even if you still aren’t bothered by teenage antics, apathy, and drama, that’s still not to say kids won’t hurt your feelings.

I once had a large rock thrown threw the windshield of my car. 

I once had a girl secretly take my picture in class and post it on Facebook with the caption, “eeeewwww.”

And how do I know those?  Because I have found for every kid who dislikes me, three more LIKE me, and tell me these things and stand up for me.

(As for the windshield kid, there was nothing I could do without absolute proof, but the rock makes a lovely doorstop.  Karma eventually swallowed him.  But the Facebook girl?  I confronted her with such calm lividity that the picture was gone in 30 seconds.)